KINGDOM DYNAMICS BIBLE STUDY  on Wednesday at 7:30pm in The School Room at The Chapel when Ray will continue the series on The Heroes of Faith, then continue bi-weekly with OPEN HOUSE GROUPS on the opposite weeks.


On Wednesdays at 7:30pm there will be two OPEN HOUSE GROUPS.

The first is in Rode Heath led by Simon & Alison at Frank & Dorothy’s home at 5 Maple Place, Rode Heath.

The second in Lawton Heath End led by Ray & Barbara at their home at 3 Denford Place, Lawton Heath End.

If you haven’t been allocated to an OPEN HOUSE GROUP yet, but would like to come to one, please contact Simon on 07900 632172 or Alison on 07887 904120

KINGDOM DYNAMICS BIBLE STUDY starts on Wednesday & will continue bi-weekly Wednesdays, alternating with the OPEN HOUSE GROUPS.