Today (6th Jan) is the beginning of Epiphany 12th day after Christmas which traditionally lasts until Ash Wednesday, on the Church Calendar.
For those who may not know: epiphany is ‘a manifestation or revelation of Deity’. At Christmas God became man – Jesus Christ. It is totally unexplainable, but absolutely true -that God condescended to come to this world, in the form of Jesus Christ, to bring freedom, healing and forgiveness for sins: Charles Wesley, the great Hymn writer put it so aptly :
“Let earth and heaven combine, Angels and men agree,
To praise in songs divine, The Incarnate Deity,
Our God contracted to a span, Incomprehensibly made man.” (became man).

When we come to realise the reality of Jesus, it is a life changing experience – an ‘epiphany’. Like the wise men. When they found Him, they worshiped Him. When they came to return home they were to go another way – God’s way. So their lives and direction was changed. God steered them from danger and they remained safe. (Mtt.2:12;) When we meet with Jesus our direction changes for the better. The same with the Shepherds. When the Angels appeared to them they were afraid. But after meeting with Christ their fear was changed to praise and joy (Lk.2:20). Jesus came to take away our fears. Even Joseph and Mary had a change of plan. I suppose they would normally have made their way home. But God, knowing what was best for them, had a different plan . He sent them to Egypt so they would be safe in order to fulfil His plans. (Mtt.2:13,14;) If we put our trust in Christ, allow Him to lead us and trust Him to plan our lives, He will protect us and keep us safe.





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